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The Elko County Fair…

Friday, September 5th, 2008 | Community Events | No Comments

Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend, a big weekend in Elko County. The Elko County Fair is a reminder of our area’s strong agricultural roots–it’s a time for people to show off their work, to meet up with friends and family, and OF COURSE to go to the horse races!

When I was growing up, the fair was one of the biggest events of our year. We spent hours baking goodies for it, striving for those coveted blue ribbons. My mom, an excellent seamstress, always entered many of the things she’d sewn throughout the year. There were always tomatoes, beans, or pumpkins from our garden that we’d enter in the produce division. Sometimes some crafts or a photograph or two… It was a big deal… But I was a town kid…

For my husband, who grew up on a ranch in Lamoille, the fair was THE event of the year, far bigger than Christmas, an event eagerly anticipated and worked for all year long. It was the culmination of hours and hours of hard work on the ranch–an entire year’s worth of effort, judged in a few pivotal events. It was a time for 4-H skits and 4-H floats, a time to visit and laugh with friends, and maybe, if you were lucky, a time to relax for a few minutes once all the animals had been shown and the auction was over.

The fair is different for us now, but it’s still a great time for us. This year I got to help judge the baking in the Home Arts building and–WOW–was that ever fun! Anyone who knows me knows I love to bake and I love my sweets! Basically, I was in heaven–living the life, doing my dream job. I do claim to be something of an expert on cookies, having baked many thousands over the years (and having eaten far too many of them myself!). I am always experimenting, always sampling, always looking for those “perfect” recipes. After sampling pies and cookies for two hours straight, I can attest to the fact that we have some very talented bakers in Elko County. And I hope I get to do it again next year!